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Why I’m waiting till June: Possible features of the iPhone 4G

Liz Morray
Liz Morray
Mobile Specialist
4 May 2010

I’m sure that you have been unable to avoid the speculation, enthusiasm and scepticism aroused by the discovery of what’s believed to be a prototype iPhone 4G. As a developer, Apple lover and all round geek my lack of an iPhone has been a growing source of consternation, so I’ve been looking into the various tariffs offered now, trying to decide who to go with and what spec to buy. I am now, however toying with the idea of trying to be patient for a couple more months, and here’s why:

If the ‘prototype’ is real, as a number of websites have compelling arguments for, the 4th generation of Apple iPhone looks to be rather fabulous, and I’m certain I would kick myself if the following functionality came out just a few months after I’d splashed out £300 on a 3GS.

Front-facing video camera – although I don’t look at my current (rather rubbish) phone and wish I could video chat on it, I’m sure that were the functionality there it would brighten up my daily commute. Also like every new, not entirely necessary technology it will soon become main stream, and the more people who have it the more it will be used. The first 4G user might find it rather useless, but once their friends upgrade I’m sure it will be considered a basic functionality.

Improved Back Camera – I do already have a camera, and quite a nice one at that – big screen, fits in a tiny evening bag etc. but I don’t always have it with me and I can’t instantly send the pictures I take with it to friends or pop them on facebook.

Flash – To be honest I’m not sure how they’ve got away with not having a flash thus far, but now the iPhone really could be a replacement for a camera for a lot of people, why carry around a phone and camera when you can have a high spec of both in one.

Higher resolution screen- the lucky guys who’ve been taking the ‘prototype’ apart have said that the screen is a much higher resolution than the current 3GS and that you can’t even discern the individual pixels close up.

Bigger battery – Not very exciting, till you hear the increased size is rumoured to give 14 to 16 hours talk and internet time in comparison to 5 to 9 hours on the 3GS.

Second Microphone – for background noise cancellation. A small but quite brilliant development for someone who usually has to do the finger in the ear, shouting thing in anywhere noisier than a library. I’ll be immensely pleased when everyone has one and I can enjoy a proper conversation on the train.

New Shape – I hadn’t really realised that I don’t like the shape of the 3GS until I’d seen the 4G ‘prototype’. My final and probably most compelling reason for waiting (for me at least) is how very very pretty the 4G will be if it looks like the ‘prototype’. The clean flat lines, no curved back or chunky silver edges are so sleak, the finish of the glass front and brushed aluminium so classy it makes the 3GS look a little old fashioned some how.

I’ll leave you with a picture to fall in love with and a final request to be patient with me until June when it will hopefully be launched at Apple’s WWDC in San Francisco, especially if you’re someone I’m likely to want a video chat with!

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