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My first holiday with the iPhone

Milly Diaz
Milly Diaz
Associate Director of Social Media
20 May 2010


I moved to London about a year ago from California and up until I had an iPhone, I wouldn’t leave home without the chunky, heavy London A-Z guide in my handbag.

iPhone apps like Maps and TubeMap have made life my expat life in London a bit easier  and I’m looking forward to putting some travel apps to the test when I visit Venice, Italy this weekend.

Here’s a list of the apps I’ll be using at the weekend.  I found these apps via www.topappcharts.com and a Google search for ‘iPhone apps Venice Italy’.

I’ll review the listed apps in a post next week.  I’m expecting good things and hope I won’t be disappointed!

Language Translator (free version): According to feedback from others who’ve been, Venezians are apparently more helpful and nicer to you when you at least attempt to speak Italian.

TripTracker – Live Flight Status Tracker (free version): The ash cloud and looming strikes are making air travel so unpredictable.  Will be using this app to monitor our flights.

Wi-Fi finder (free version): This is supposedly thelargest directory available of paid and free Wi-Fi Internet access – over 280,000 locations in 140 countries worldwide.  My husband is a workaholic and I know he’ll ‘need’ to plug in at some point.  It’s not fun to be around him when he can’t find a way to plug in when he wants to!

City guides.  Venice Touristic Audio Guide (completely offline), Tap Venice Eating (completely offline) (all paid): I decided to download ‘offline’ guides because I’m not sure what the coverage is like in Venice.  If there appears to be good coverage in the city, I may download a guide that incorporates GPS tracking.

SitOrSquat (free): This app has a list of ‘usable’ restrooms worldwide.  Wish I downloaded this ages ago! Enough said!

Have you found travel apps helpful while on holiday?  What are your favourites and why?



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