17 May 2010 | Team Tamar

Microsoft Office 2010 will be in shops on 15th June

Microsoft Office 2010 is set to be officially available on 15th June.  This will be the next big thing for Microsoft this year, on the heels of the successful release of Windows 7.


This version of the popular office suite has completed its beta cycle on the 12th May, and will be released for manufacturing once final checks are approved.

Just to whet your appetites, here is a list of some new features:

  1. Microsoft 2010 will have a lightweight web-based version.  The online version is Microsoft’s answer to Google Docs, to stave off their attempts to eat into its 95% share of the office software market.
  2. A smarter Outlook application, for managing emails.  Particularly useful for people who get an excessive number of emails.
  3. More powerful media tools to edit video/photos and graphics on Word and Powerpoint.
  4. More control over the controversial “Ribbon”, launched in the 2007 version.
  5. New charting functionality for Excel.  Tiny charts that fit into a cell called Sparklines will provide compact visual representation of data.
  6. Easier to capture screenshots
  7. New ability to allow more than one user to edit the same document.
  8. A new mode called ‘protected view’, which allows you to edit an Internet document only when you are ready to do so.

Team Tamar