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Facebook bows (a little bit) to critics, makes privacy settings easier to use

Milly Diaz
Milly Diaz
Associate Director of Social Media
27 May 2010

facebook-privacyAs expected (the BBC revealed first thing Tuesday morning the announcement was coming), yesterday afternoon Mark Zuckerberg rolled out Facebook’s one-stop shop for privacy settings in response to growing user concerns.

Zuckerberg stated during the press conference convened especially for the announcement, “We’ve focused on three things: a single control for your content, more powerful controls for your basic information and an easy control to turn off all applications.”

‘One-stop-shop’ Highlights

- Offers users one privacy page with a list of all their applications and a choice of three settings for each.

- Redesigned privacy page allows users to see all their information in one grid and apply privacy settings to each.

The new, improved privacy page is not live just yet. That won’t happen for another few weeks. Until then, check out this SAI tutorial to ‘lockdown’ your Facebook privacy settings in 13 ‘easy’ steps.

But, has Facebook done just enough to turn down the heat a couple of notches?

The Times pointed out that Facebook did not do what some critics were demanding and make all personal information on the site visible only to friends by default.

What do you think of Facebook’s new privacy announcement?



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