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Easy, Peasy ‘Embeddable’ Tweets

Milly Diaz
Milly Diaz
Associate Director of Social Media
4 May 2010

Bloggers and website editors, rejoice!

Starting today, you’ll no longer have to fire up Photoshop to fix up that screen grab of the funny/informative/insightful tweet you want to share with the world.

Twitter is rolling out the red carpet for ‘embeddable tweets’. Twitter described it to Mashable as, ‘a super simple piece of code to help people generate nice HTML tweets instead of using screen-grabbed images’.

According to the Twitter media blog this is what the embedded tweets will look like:



You know what would make this extra neat, in my opinion?

Twitter giving you the ability to track your tweets that have been embedded (and for us here at Tamar, the ability to track our clients’ embedded tweets)!

Sadly, we’ll still need to rely on the old screen grab to share funny/informative/insightful tweets in our PowerPoint presentations.



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