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Doing Business on Twitter Just Got Easier

Milly Diaz
Milly Diaz
Associate Director of Social Media
11 May 2010


Twitter’s becoming even more business friendly!

On Monday, Twitter rolled out a service called Twitter Business Center to a few select companies and individuals.

Mashable broke the news a few hours ago and was able to get a few screenshots of the sign up pages.

In my opinion, the best feature of the service is that it will allow subscribed businesses to receive messages from people who they aren’t following.

A few of our clients have started to use Twitter as a way to interact with customers. This will be a welcome service solution as it’s unrealistic to assume that the only people who’ll want to send DMs to them are those they are following.

Mashable is most excited about the ‘verification’ feature. Til now, only individuals (i.e. celebrities/public figures) received verification badges on Twitter.

As a consumer, I’m excited about this feature as well. This will make it easier for the public to identify the official Twitter accounts for major brands, who are often parodied on the platform.

Is your company one of the lucky few who received the beta invite from Twitter. What features are you most excited about?



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