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Tamar announce the ‘iHOB’ – latest innovation in iPhone app technology

Henry Elliss
Henry Elliss
Managing Director
1 April 2010

Have you ever been sat using your mobile phone, perhaps listening to a REALLY long conference call, and noticed how your ear gets really warm? Me too – but far from worrying about this, our team at Tamar have put this excess heat to a brilliant new use…

At the start of 2010, Tamar’s iPhone research & development team were tasked with creating a consumer facing application that challenges our conceptions of what we thought possible with an iPhone. What they have come up with looks sure to set the world of iPhone apps by storm…

Presenting the iHOB

Ideal for those who enjoy camping or for keeping drinks hot at your desk.

iHOBiHOB-MugThe revolutionary 15 ring system heats up in mere seconds to be warm enough to heat a can of baked beans or soup in 15 minutes and once turned off will cool down in 15 seconds.

In addition, a further ‘warm not hot’ setting can be used just like a coaster for keeping a beverage hot at your desk. And the applications don’t stop there – why not stick the iHOB in your pocket on a cold winters day, or stick it inside the (soon the be available) special ‘iHOB Glove’ to keep your mits toasty-warm while you’re out for a jog? The possibilities are simply endless!

The iHOB will be available from the Apple Store on 15th April and will be £2.99. To find out more information, click here




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