21 April 2010 | Team Tamar

What are governments requesting from Google?

Google has launched a new tool that shows the number of requests “each nation’s government has made for users’ personal information or for the removal of URLs from Google’s search index”. So in a nutshell, every request your government makes to Google to have something removed from their servers, is listed here. Not in specific detail, but listed none the less.

The Google Maps tool provides users with two sets of counts. These were recorded between July 1 and December 31, 2009: one of data requests and one of removal requests.A quick look at the tool shows that Brazil is the top country for both categories.

As part of its four-part plan, Google hopes to “change the behavior of repressive governments”, “establish guiding principles for dealing with issues of free expression”, “build support online to protest repression”, and “better provide resources and support for developing technology designed to combat and circumvent Internet censorship”.”

Wired quoted Google VP David Drummond, saying that the company hopes this and other steps towards greater transparency “will lead to less censorship.”

So what do you think?

Team Tamar