7 April 2010 | Team Tamar

Facebook’s Latest Statistics

Facebook recently released some statistics about their social networking platform, and some of the numbers released paint a very vivid picture of how influential the site is. It is no longer just another website, but now a major factor in the way we communicate online.

There are now over 400 million active Facebook users, with 50% of those logging in every day. That is a staggering 200 million users every day! Of those 400 million users, 35 million update their status daily. On any given day, Facebook claims there are 60 million status updates with more than 5 billion pieces of content shared each week.

Not only is it a major way in which we now communicate with our friends, but with 70 translations available, it is now easier than ever to share and view other’s opinions over Facebook. This was no simple simple task though; it took over 300 000 people from over 180 countries to properly translate the site into the 70 languages.

With users spending so much time on the site, developers saw a gap where they could capture the user while on the site, and the development of applications started. Now there are over 500 000 different applications, with 250 getting more than one million monthly visitors.

If you thought Facebook was only made for computer users then you need to wake up and follow the trends with over 100 million users accessing Facebook via their mobile. There are also more than 200 mobile operators throughout the world working on advertising and deploying Facebook through the mobile platform.

Some of these statistics are mind blowing – to think that one website generates all of these statistics. To view the complete official list of statistics click here.

Team Tamar