22 April 2010 | Team Tamar

Facebook wants to rule the world (wide web)


On Wednesday, Facebook announced at its big developer conference F8 that, basically, it intends to be the center of the social media world. Through something called the ‘Open Graph’ their plan is to aggregate all your activity on other social sites on to Facebook. Theoretically, with the Open Graph, your comments on a CNN message board and restaurant review on Yelp could be posted to your Facebook profile in one fell swoop.

I can see how some people would be excited by this news. It will definitely make it easier to share insights, opinions, news articles with ‘friends’.

But, my gut reaction to Facebook’s announcement was rebellion!

Facebook, I don’t want you to be the center of my social media existence.  And, I don’t want to help you acheive web domination.

I like having the separation between my social media profiles. Plus, being more ‘open’ really won’t work with my group of  ‘friends’ on Facebook. My friend list is comprised of mostly family and they could probably care less about the news I’m reading or restaurants I’m digging.

I do have to give Facebook a hand in doing all it can to protect its market leader position.
They’ve taken note of the massive failures of MySpace and before that, Friendster. It’s clear that more we’re dependent on Facebook, the less likely it will be for another platform to come along to unseat it.

What are your thoughts on the Open Graph?

Will you be embracing it with, erm, open arms?

Team Tamar