9 April 2010 | Team Tamar

Exciting ways to charge your gadgets

I like gadgets, but owning lots of gadgets often means also owning lots of mains chargers too. This has become an issue in recent years for many people like me.  The issues are:

1. It’s unsightly.  Spaghetti springs to mind.
2. It’s not very environmentally friendly, as there is a carbon footprint for each main charger you own.
3. It’s confusing, as you have to work out which charger belongs to which device.
4. It’s a chore to charge your device; where’s the fun in plugging and unplugging a charger over and over again.

There is clearly a market for a solution to this problem, and this year we see the advent of some exciting products.  Here are two I think are worth mentioning.

1. iDapt Universal charger.
This is a charging station which can charge up to three portable devices at any one time.  It describes itself as having a ‘simple system of interchangeable tips’.  This essentially means that you can slot a connector to the base station matching your gadget.  Interchangeable tips can be bought separately.  Despite it’s large footprint on your table, I like this solution because there is only one cable to your mains.

2. Powermat Home & Office Mat
Another solution is to charge your portable device wirelessly.  This is an amazing product as there are no connectors or cables to your gadget from the charging mat.  However, this charging unit does require you to buy a separate Powermat receiver, in order to ‘complete the circuit’.  Despite thinking wireless power is the way to go for everything electrical in the home, I do have reservations about the idea of another form of radiation going to air, and wonder about the health and safety aspect, so I think I’m gonna wait to see whether or not early adopters go bald or something, before taking this up.

Team Tamar