12 April 2010 | Team Tamar

7 more Facebook tips you may not know

A couple of years ago I wrote a post on this blog called “9 Facebook Tips That You Might Not Know” – a reasonably in-depth but by no-means exhaustive list of some useful how-to’s for getting by on Facebook. I didn’t realise quite how useful it would prove at the time, but even now it still gets dozens of hits a day. Unfortunately, because Facebook changes so fast, a lot of the tips I gave no longer work or are relevant. So I thought it was about time I updated the list and provided a few more tips for you all. So here goes…

Consolidate smaller photo albums

Now that Facebook have raised the limit for the number of pictures you can fit in a Facebook photo album, you may find yourself wanting to move photos from one album to another – essentially merging smaller albums together. This used to be very simple, as Facebook temporarily instigated a “merge album” tool, but it’s gone again now. So this is a little more time consuming, but still worthwhile if your Photos page is full of “part 1” and “part 2” albums.

When you go to one of your existing photo albums, click the “edit photos” tab at the top – once you’re there you will be presented with a little drop-down menu beneath each photo, allowing you to specify the album you’d like to move the photo to. Simply select the new album for all of the photos and click “save changes” at the bottom – then Bob’s your uncle. Easy peasy.


Bag your username – better late than never

If you were on Facebook last summer you will have been given the option to register a ‘vanity URL’ for your profile, as well as any Facebook Pages which you manage. Whilst it isn’t particularly obvious, this option is still available today – and very useful if you missed the boat at the time, or have started a new page since then. All you have to do is visit the following URL, which allows you to select usernames for both your personal page and any brand pages:


Import your status updates from Twitter

If you’re anything like me, you might be using other social networks as well as Facebook by now – pretty much all of these sites and services will give you the facility to import your status updates and the like in to Facebook, though it’s not always simple. Whilst Facebook make it very easy for you to PUSH your updates to other networks (status updates from Facebook pages to Twitter, for instance) it’s never quite as simple the other way round. But there are ways and means – the example I’ll give you here is Twitter, but search around and you’ll find solutions for other sites too.

The best way to import your Twitter updates to Facebook is to use an application like Selective Tweets. With Selective Tweets, all you need to do is tell the app your Twitter username, and add the hashtag ” #fb ” to the end of the tweets that you want to be imported. Then, ¬†every few hours the application will trawl your Twitter feed and import the updates you tell it to. It’s as simple as that.



Remove app updates from your feed

This is one of the tips that I included in my original post, but also something I get asked a LOT when I’m on Facebook. The basic method is the same, though the place you find it is slightly different. If you get sick of seeing updates from the applications that your friends are using/playing, but don’t want to go to the extreme of removing that person from your feed, all you need to do is click on the little cross next to one of those updates, which will then bring up an option to remove either a) all updates from that friend, or b) all updates from that particular app. It’s as simple as that – click it once, and you’ll never see any more updates from that app on any of your feeds…


Use the Facebook iPhone app for almost everything

The methods of updating your Facebook profile on the move have come on leaps-and-bounds since the last blog I wrote, with the crown-jewel in Facebook’s mobile crown being it’s iPhone application. You can do virtually everything you can on the normal Facebook site, barring applications and games. One of my favourite elements of it is the ability to administer your Facebook Brand pages straight from the app – allowing you to post photos, statuses, discussions and more, right from the comfort of your armchair.

Update your status via e-mail.

Hopefully most mobile users will know that you can upload photos straight from an e-mail – what you may not know is that you can also use the e-mail address you were given for plain status updates as well. And not just of your profile either – you can even have a seperate e-mail address set up for your brand pages too. According to the Facebook marketing bumf, that’s what Eva Longoria uses. And if it’s good enough for a Desperate Housewife…!

You can set up the e-mail functionality, as well as getting the e-mail address to use at Facebook’s “Mobile” page – just click here, or on the little “mobile” right at the bottom of any page on Facebook. If you want to do the same for a Page, simply click “edit page” under the main image and then go to the “mobile” box on that page – just like the one below:


Be choosy who you get chatty with

fb-tips-chatIn the last list I told you how to set up lists of different pages. These lists can be great for organising your friends, managing who you see in your feed, perfecting your privacy options and even choosing who sees your status updates. One trick you might not have spotted though is the ability to block certain lists from seeing when you’re online in Facebook chat.

I personally turned Facebook chat off most of the time before I discovered this – with hundreds of friends seeing you online, you just know that the person who will want to chat is the last person you really want to talk to. But it’s now very easy to selectively appear offline to certain groups. Just click the little slider-looking icon next to each friend list when you expand the chat box – see right for details:

So there we have it – hopefully you might find a few of those useful. I’ll try to not leave it quite so long before I update the list again – I’m pretty sure Facebook won’t slow down their updates either!


Team Tamar