5 March 2010 | Team Tamar

WordPress ‘pushes’ blogs into real-time

You may remember a previous post of mine about the real-time web and various emerging technologies that will enable the transition for older technologies into this frontier. I mentioned how Twitter could be useful in Google results using Greasemonkey (which Google have since implemented themselves) and also how RSS was a dying technology in terms of the increasing real-time need for information.

Well one of the largest blogging services, WordPress, recently announced a significant upgrade to their systems in the form of PubSubHubub. What this means is that now, instead of RSS readers like Google having to constantly ‘ask’ your blog if it has any new content – WordPress will ‘push’ the content to the reader.

Why is this a big deal?

Until now it has been difficult to get blogs to the real-time standard as they are checked at intervals requiring network traffic and system resources (all be it not very much) and it could be up to a few hours before your blog traversed the ether into your subscribers’ hands. Now this should be instant (within a few seconds).

The demo shown¬†below¬†deemed ‘cheesey’ by WordPress themselves illustrates the point and highlights the importance of this change.

This back end upgrade only works if you have your blog hosted on WordPress.com and not your own domain. If you have your own domain and host a WordPress blog, you can download a plugin which gives your blog the same functionality and has it’s own built in hub. Zero configuration needed.

This is an important move in the direction of real-time content delivery for bloggers and is another interim step while a new standard deployment method is established.

Team Tamar