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Windows users now have the option to choose their favourite browser

Alex Christie

1 March 2010

As from today (1 March 2010), Microsoft is legally obliged to start advertising alternatives to its web browser, Internet Explorer (IE), following an agreement reached with the European Competition Commission (ECC) in December 2009.

Internet Explorer logo

Internet Explorer logo

The ECC’s case has been running since 2008 and Microsoft finally signed on the dotted line on 16 December to offer alternative browsers from 1 March. The case was made to break up Microsoft’s dominance of the web browser market, and also encourage choice and innovation for users. Internet Explorer is still just in the lead among web surfers in Europe according to statistics from Statcounter. They have 45.4 per cent of the market share, followed by Mozilla Firefox at 39.3 per cent, with Google Chrome trailing with just 6.4 per cent.

Users in Europe who are running Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 will be presented with a “choice screen” with five choices, as part of a Windows Update. These will be Internet Explorer 8, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple’s Safari and Opera.



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