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Microsoft previews IE9 at Mix10

Alex Christie

23 March 2010

The long awaited ‘first peak’ into Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) was given to developers at the annual MIX event hosted by Microsoft in Las Vegas, USA. MIX is a conference for web designers and developers building the world’s most innovative web sites. Microsoft showcases their latest technologies, and this year was not different. The MIX10 event showcased where the firm is heading with their new browser IE9 and Windows Phone.

Internet Explorer logo

Internet Explorer logo

IE9 will not be available to the general public until at least mid 2011, and it will also not be supported for Windows XP. Users will need to upgrade to Windows Vista, or the latest version of their operating system, Windows 7, to take advantage of using the new browser.

The browser will support HTML5, a new Web protocol that makes it possible to play videos and other embedded content on Web pages without the need for a 3rd plug-in, such as Adobe Flash. It will also offer enhanced support for CSS3 (cascading stylesheets) and an improved JavaScript engine that will allow it to render sites accurately and improve the performance of Web-based applications.

Microsoft will be keen to market the new browser to the general public as soon as possible, to convince them that IE9 is the ‘new Firefox’. Mozilla’s Firefox is slowly increasing its footprint on becoming the preferred browser for users. You can ‘test drive’ IE9 by downloading it from the Microsoft Internet Explorer site.



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