4 March 2010 | Team Tamar

Google webmaster tools loves site managers

In the space of a few days two great features caught my eye, as they will make the lives of webmasters so much easier.

Long awaited Site Verification Sharing
I couldn’t be happier to hear that Google added a long waited feature to their Webmaster Tools Site Verification process. Previously if more than one person needed to be a verified owner each person had to go through the drama of the meta tag or html tag verification process.  Now you don’t have to endure the same grueling verification process but more users can be added by existing verified site owners.

Make sure you read these  important notes before you go ahead and use the updated site verification feature.

Say no to hacking and site abuse
Google is taking a further step in the fight against hackers and spammers. Last year November Google announced that they would add notifications about new software versions via Webmaster Tools to help site owners to better protect their websites.

The latest roll-outs of these notifications provides alerts about suspicious acitivy or potential hacking as well as steps on how to get the site fixed and back into Google’s SERPs.

Starting this month the notifications sent to the Message Center could include:
– Spammy or abused user-generated content
– Abused forum pages or egregious amounts of comment spam
– Suspected hacking acitivities.

Who doesn’t love Google Webmaster Tools?

Team Tamar