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Google and PubSubHubbub

Alex Christie

16 March 2010

Google has developed a system that will enable a Web publisher to ‘automatically submit new content to Google for indexing within seconds of that content being published.’ The name of this protocol is PuSH, or PubSubHubbub. PuSH is a real-time syndication protocol based on ATOM.

In this protocol the publisher tells the world about a Hub that it will notify every time new content is published.

Subscribers then wait for the hub to notify them of the new content.

PuSH is an open protocol and if Google can implement Indexing using PuSH protocol, it would require every website to implement the technology and declare which Hub they push to at the top of each document, just like they declare where the RSS feeds they publish can be found.

Google would then subscribe to those PuSH feeds to discover new content when it’s published.

PuSH is much more time efficient for Google, and the impact of such a move for small publishers is huge. With a PuSH system in place small websites would be able to get their content to Google automatically right away. Currently many small sites get visited by Google maybe only once a week.

Crawling is not likely to be replaced by PuSH, rather a crawler will still be needed to discover the PuSH feeds to subscribe to and Google’s existing index will be augmented by the real-time format.

Check it out your self at Google.

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