17 February 2010 | Team Tamar

Social media infiltrates Microsoft’s Outlook

Something came to my attention this morning and I must be honest, I have mixed feelings about it, but I can see the practicality of it. Microsoft’s information manager (their term, not mine), Outlook, now provides its users with the ability to connect to their social media profiles straight from the email client.

It was announced in November last year that Outlook would integrate users’ LinkedIn profiles into their Outlook packages by using the Outlook Social Connector and the functionality has now gone live. According to the software giant,  users will, in the next couple of months, be able to integrate their Facebook and MySpace profiles into their Outlook. The net result is that users will be able to browse their preferred social network’s content from their desktop.

This reminds me of something else that rolled out recently, and I am sure you’ve all seen it by now, Google’s Buzz. It seems everything is being amalgamated, and mashed into one. Please don’t misunderstand me, but, I rather like having things separately, I don’t want all of my social information in a central “bank”. What is the fun in that? Besides, it is bound to become extremely confusing and it is sure to become incredibly cluttered. Am I alone in thinking that keeping all of ones’ social eggs in a proverbial desktop based basket is a little pointless?

Team Tamar