3 February 2010 | Team Tamar

Privacy isn’t just for ‘old people’

At last week’s social media uber-gathering during the Davos World Economic Forum, LinkedIn’s Reid Hoffman said, “All these concerns about privacy tend to be old people issues.”

As you can see from my other posts on tamar.com, I’m a bit obsessed about privacy and being placed in the ‘old’ camp didn’t sit too well with me at first (my age begins with ‘3’ so I am probably ancient in the eyes of the millennials).

I think the youth should be concerned about privacy.  I think that when these kids reach my old age, they’ll come to regret sharing so much of their personal information in their early years.

As the ‘old’ saying goes, information is power.

Do these free sharing youth realize they’re willingly handing the reigns of power over to organizations and people who don’t always have their best interests in mind?

In a few years, I think members of the current youth brigade will be at the forefront of a movement for more privacy on the ‘net. Once they start feeling the negative effect of people using their freely available information, I foresee the millennial generation mobilizing to  reclaim control over their personal information.

I could be totally wrong about my hypothesis. I am looking at things from a privacy obsessed old person’s point of view.

Would love to hear your thoughts. Do you think kids these days should take privacy as seriously as us ‘old’ people do?

Team Tamar