24 February 2010 | Team Tamar

Ode to Foursquare


Back in January I did attempt
To take the Foursquare plunge

Unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be
Because their beta app wouldn’t sync with my Blackberry

About a week ago the Blackberry was replaced
With a glorious iPhone

Foursquare, you were the first app I downloaded
And I am far from disappointed!

You’ve made exploring the environs so entertaining
You’re a ray of sunshine in London where it’s always raining

Even when the weather is bad
I’m inspired to go out to unlock a new badge

Through Foursquare I also found a new favorite dish
Turnip cakes at Yauatcha, oh so delish!

Recently Foursquare received a little knock
For helping robbers give homeowners quite a rock

But really, if you Foursquare with common sense
You’re not very likely to step into a mess

Don’t be silly and ‘check in’ at home
It’s not a public space, like the 02 dome

One thing I’m finding hard to keep in check
Is my competitiveness

My boss Henry was crowned the first mayor
Of an eatery that I hold quite dear

Henry, just you wait and see
By the end of the week, the mayorship of Chiswick Nando’s will be with me!

Team Tamar