22 February 2010 | Team Tamar

Labour disregards SEO with campaign page

Over the weekend, a new landing page was put live for the Labour party’s website. It’s a slick, flash-based page that reflects the new “Future Fair for All” theme touted by the Labour party at the moment.

a future fari for all

It is refreshing to see a traditionally stodgy website being dynamic and reflecting policy changes and campaigns in almost real-time, but it is very important to consider the usability and SEO implications that will arise from a move of this magnitude.

While it may seem that changing your homepage is a simple task, it can cause huge complications further down the line. There is almost no content on this homepage at the moment, it is all flash. Except for the small skip button on the top right, the only links from this page are to another website entirely (labourspace.org.uk). The homepage is the most important page on the site, and it receives a link from the top logo on every page. The home button on the top of every page is also a link to the new landing page. This home button is very important for users to help them navigate the site, it now goes to the ‘future fair for all’ page…

What the new landing page has done is completely change the hierarchy of the site from a robust, albeit fairly shallow, hierarchy to an unbalanced top heavy hierarchy with no links into the main navigation, and only one link back to the site. Might as well ask Google to stop indexing your whole website at a very critical period of the campaign…

Team Tamar

  • http://www.blueclaw.co.uk Monica

    At least they didn’t put themselves up for ridicule (or is it publicity) with their adverts that spawned this site – http://mydavidcameron.com/

    • Robin Fishley

      Ridicule and Publicity are the same things these days? I would say that these two campaigns are certainly hooks that are heavily “baited”… I would call them highly successful.

  • http://answerseo.com answerseo


    i agree its not a good move, but “Might as well ask Google to stop indexing your whole website at a very critical period of the campaign” ? no. The labour.org.uk/home URl remains which is where the site homepage previously resided. It therefore has strength and links, so as for deindexation, it wont happen. If they had changed all the URLs of the site, or moved all content onto /new-level/content then they’d be in trouble