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Google Credit Card Comparison Tool

Tanya Goodin
Tanya Goodin
24 February 2010

Compare Credit Cards with Google

Search on Google for credit card and you will see that Google have launched their own comparison tool, not dissimilar to the one for secured loans a few months ago.

When you click through from the ad you get into a table of results, see below.

Credit Card Comparison

Credit Card Comparison

Looks like it is for UK only credit cards.

Compare Credit Cards

Compare Credit Cards

There are a number of options available to refine your search such as Purchase Rate, APR, Airmiles, Cashback or Amex, Mastercard etc

And you can also add in your own details such as income, age and employment status probaly as some sort of filter as to what you are qualified for.

You can select which credit cards you want to compare and more information is offered.

Compare Credit Card Results

Compare Credit Card Results

And of course you can apply which takes you through to the card site.

So a couple of questions out of this. Is this just the start of a broader Google comparison suite aimed at taking on the aggregators? How do you get your listed on this tool? What are the costs? Does Google pay the full whack for a #1 listing in the sponsored results? Will people actually use this as well as or instead of sites such as Moneysupermarket?

Watch this space, Google is making a big move here and it could be just the start.

More information on this from Google here.



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