12 January 2010 | Team Tamar

The best job in the world?

I may not spend my days lounging on a sandy white beach, while dolphins frolic and a cool breeze ruffles my hair, but I do have a job in one of the most interesting, fast developing and innovative industries in the world.

And 2010 is, I’m certain, going to prove to be one of the most exciting years in Technology. Why? Because this year we are going to start seeing some big words making a big impact on the sector. Words like consumer activism, hybridisation and augmented reality – which means that the industry is going to have to move even faster to keep up with a population which is continuously growing, demanding and buying – online and on the move.

The continued integration of the third and fourth screens (personal computers and mobile phones with internet connectivity) into the global community means that more and more money is being spent on developments for these devices. Laptops are getting smaller and phones are getting smarter – and these devices are getting more affordable, meaning there will be more technology in people’s pockets than ever before. And more and more companies are tailoring their services to fit this platform.

Because of this growing connectivity, there will be an equal rise in consumer activism. Consumers are realising they have a voice and with this comes a serious risk, for businesses, of brand-bashing. Consumers are putting more value on word of mouth recommendations, so brands will need to carefully watch their online personalities and their reputations.

Because of this, a more complex form of hybridisation will become apparent as brands attempt to sustain their prominence by hybridising their media and extending into new territory. Expect to see more and more businesses establishing a social media presence as they scramble to find a perch on Twitter, Facebook and whatever new social networks will appear over the next 12 months.

As businesses develop their social networking skills, the line between social media networks like Twitter and Facebook and traditional marketing mediums like television and radio will begin to blur and customers will be able to pick and choose how to receive news or interact with their brands.

And then, the adventurous few (or those with the funds, anyway) will take it to the max with augmented reality. Having an online store with online benefits makes accessing your product easy – and when it’s easy to buy, it will be bought. While still a bit of a gimmick now, interactive AR is also a way to attract consumers to your product (like Esquire magazines’ December 2009 issue) and holds much potential for development in 2010.

It is because of these developments and innovations, and because I work for a company which is at the forefront of this movement that I believe I have the best job in the world. And I don’t have to worry about sunburn and poisonous jellyfish…

Team Tamar