19 January 2010 | Team Tamar

Taking the Foursquare Plunge


I signed up for Foursquare, the location-based social network, the week it launched in the UK back in October and have yet do the equivalent of my first tweet, i.e. checking in at a location.

There are two reasons why I didn’t bother to dive in headfirst.

First, I’m a Blackberry user and there isn’t a publicly available Foursquare app for my handheld (per Foursquare’s site, there is one in private beta that will be released soon. No fair. iPhone people get everything first! Don’t Blackberry users outnumber the iPhone lot?) Anyway, I was disappointed that there wasn’t something available to make Foursquaring on-the-go easier.
Secondly, none of my UK social network friends had signed up to the service when I activated my account last year. Competing with myself for Foursquare’s prizes, i.e. points and honorary titles, didn’t seem like much fun.
However, I’ve decided today’s the day I’m going to take the plunge.
Over the weekend I received four friend request notices on my Foursquare account. And then on Monday, I read this good Foursquare piece in the Independent and was struck by the fun spirit of competitiveness it appeared to awake in the journalist.
One of the guys who sent me a friend request this weekend lives in my West London neighbourhood. Despite the fact that I’ll have to go through the trouble of logging in via Foursquare’s mobile website, I’m setting out to become mayor of our neighbourhood’s major high street establishments before he does!
The independent article also asserts that Foursquare will be 2010’s Twitter. The only way I really see that happening is with massive support from retailers and restaurants. Wouldn’t you rather have free beer over a silly ‘mayor’ title?

Team Tamar