2 December 2009 | Team Tamar

Twitter making room for adverts?

If you’ve logged on to the Twitter website recently (an act which must be decreasing in popularity as more and more apps come onboard) you might have noticed a space at the bottom, under the “more” button – a space which has only recently appeared, and would seem like an IDEAL space for a banner advert or two…? It’s currently being occupied by what I suspect is a place-holder message about updating Twitter via your mobile, but am I the only person who has suspicions about what this space will be used for in future?


Speculation has long been rife as to how Twitter will monetize their service, with on-page adverts being an obvious choice – though recent speculation has been towards a “Twitter premium” service being in the making.

If Twitter DO choose to go with banners or other on-page advertising, the very bottom of the page doesn’t seem like an ideal spot for click-through, but it could be that Twitter are aiming to integrate ads in slowly and subtley, perhaps to avoid the kind of backlash that Facebook faced when they started making their ads more obvious.

I could be completely off on this, but it’ll be an interesting area of the page to keep an eye on in the next few months… so to speak.

Team Tamar