1 December 2009 | Team Tamar

Cape Town does 27 Dinners

The last 27 Dinners of 2009 in Cape Town offered an evening of inspiring talks and superb conversation with smart and talented web, mobile, media and marketing people. So of course Tamar Cape Town had to be there.

Aside from eating pizza and drinking beer, we also did some serious work – well, mingling, anyway. And the talks did in fact live up to their promise to be inspiring.

Allan Kent, Head of Saatchi AtPlay, was up next with an inspiring talk on the innovative augmented reality and the use of mobile and online media in advertising. Saatchi and Saatchi introduced augmented reality in selected malls for book retailer outlet Wordsworth Books in South Africa this year, and using examples from Esquire magazines’ December 2009 issue, Allen walked us through the future uses and possibilities of AR.

Raymon de Villiers, CEO of Wisdom Games, talks about the future of corporate gaming

Raymon de Villiers, CEO of Wisdom Games, talks about the future of corporate gaming

Raymond De Villiers, CEO of Wisdom Games, started the evening with a talk he called ‘Serious Play: Using computer games for corporate learning’, which had every man in the room agreeing heartily. For the rest of us, the concept of computer games in the corporate environment may sound strange, but according to Raymond serious gaming is in fact a full academic and business discipline of its own.

Basically, serious games are generally held to be games used for training, advertising, simulation, or education, or “the application of games concepts, technologies and ideas to non-entertainment applications”. Raymond reckons that gamers are equipped with serious skills which can help them in the business world, such as the development of a ‘never say die’ attitude and an ability to learn quickly from mistakes and past failures.

After the talks, and some more beer, we chatted to Cameron, Cape Town’s most prolific Tweeter. Check him out for yourself at http://twitter.com/cameronolivier.

You can be sure that we will be at the next 27 Dinners in January, mingling with and learning from the cream of the geek community here in Cape town.

Team Tamar