29 December 2009 | Team Tamar

Big change for FB top-usage countries – Top 3 now US, UK and Turkey

As seems to be the tradition at this time of year, I thought I’d take a look back at one of the sites which – despite attempts by Twitter to steal it’s crown – continues to be the biggest Social Network around. Namely Facebook. Below is a table showing the top 10 Facebook-using countries as of today, according to Facebook’s own ad-manager tool. Compare it to the same period in 2008 and you’ll notice some interesting changes.

First up, US membership has more-than doubled in the year, with over 100 million active members now using the site. Turkey’s membership has also doubled, taking it in to the Top 3 and ousting Canada pretty comprehensively. Indonesia has jumped in to the top 4 – this time last year there were less than 2 million members. The Phillipines has also made massive gains, with over 8 million members compared to 2008’s <1 million.


When you take a look at the numbers with population size added in, you get some even more interesting stats. Highest pentration is Iceland, with 51.40% of their population registered on the site. The rest of that Top 10 is made up of: Norway (45.99%), Canada (41.86%), Denmark (40.72%), Hong Kong (38.77%), Singapore (37.71%), The UK (37.02%), Chile (35.38%), Australia (35.08%) and Sweden (33.51%). Right down the bottom of that list (as you might expect) is China with less than 0.01% penetration, Bangladesh (0.39%), Russia (0.46%) and India (0.47%).

Obviously the market penetration numbers for the bottom part of the list would be more meaningful when compared to the percentage of the population who have access to the internet, but that would also serve to make the top 10 even more impressive I suspect.

With Facebook’s total audience looking set to cross the 400 million mark in Q1 2010, it will be very interesting to watch more countries do what Cananda evidently have and plateau – how long until the USA does the same? Only time will tell!

Team Tamar