25 November 2009 | Team Tamar

Windows 7 – A record setting first month

Windows 7 has now been available to the public for a little more than a month and I thought I would tell you about some interesting facts I gathered whilst using Microsoft’s latest OS.

Windows 7 Logo

Windows 7 Logo

Firstly, just 4 days after it’s release, The Guardian saw more computers using Windows 7 than computers using Linux to access its website, for the first time ever!

Windows 7 has also see a 234% increase in sales compared to the first week of sales for Vista. Windows 7’s market share also surged nearly 40%, according to Web measurement company Net Applications.

For the month after the release, Windows 7 finished with a market share of 2.15%, upĀ  almost 41% over the 1.52% it had in September. The numbers from Net Applications mean that about one in every 44 personal computers was running Windows 7 last month.

On security, Microsoft has also delivered. They announced that there will be 9 security patches to their operating systems, but none will affect newly released Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2.

I have been running Windows 7 for a month now, and since I have installed it, I have had no problems. Unlike Vista which frustrated me from the beginning when some of my old games did not work. I have a few games “pre 2002”, and they now work in “XP mode”, which was not possible in Vista.

So, has the time come to upgrade from Windows XP to 7? It is a tough one… I would give it atleast another month or two, before I would consider upgrading from XP. If you are running Windows Vista, I would say the time is right for an upgrade.

Here is another twist to Windows 7. While it’s barely out of the door, Microsoft has announced it is hiring staff to start building its successor, “Windows 8”, but the release will not be scheduled before 2012.

Team Tamar