16 November 2009 | Team Tamar

Social Search and SEO integration

I recently read a number of really insightful blogs detailing the case that social search maybe a realistic threat to the future of SEO, but as insightful as they were I can’t help but oppose a number of the key points that act as the foundation for the argument.

Integrating SEO and Social Search

Integrating SEO and Social Search

It’s undeniable that people are starting to access websites in different ways, and this is leading to a gradual decrease in the number of people entering sites for some selected branded searches. However a percentage of this can certainly be attributed to browser modifications, where new browsers like Google Chrome automatically take visitors to sites when a brand name is typed in.

I think the future will be based around integration, if it isn’t already I feel Google will be looking at things like Twitter and real time search to help populate results. Just from a quick look at the current compound search engines experimenting with this technology, this approach is indeed feasible. However the amount of integration possible will have a tipping point, as in many ways it will go against Google’s own business model to have this medium effect the rankings past a certain point.

Perhaps the biggest change that comes with users trusting peers more and more will be the effect it has on PPC, as users already have an inherent distrust with this channel and this would exacerbate this somewhat. However im certainly not under any illusions what effect this would have on Google and it will be interesting to see how this develops.

Team Tamar