17 November 2009 | Team Tamar

Email Marketing – Campaign Monitor

Sending out bulk emails can be a daunting task at the best of times, especially if you want to track who is opening them, which links they are clicking on and even whether the email has actually been delivered or not.

An Australian software company based in Sydney have the solution and have been providing Campaign Monitor to clients such as Facebook, Twitter and Ebay for 10 years.

We have recently started using Campaign Monitor to track all our email newsletters and it is proving a valuable insight for the analytics team. We can refine our send-out list by excluding addresses that have bounced and also see which links are most popular. This all helps as the stats we get are more accurate, and it keeps the boffins happy.

If your email design is looking tired or you are feeling uninspired the website also offers lots of resources and creative inspiration. You can download free design templates and refer to best practice design guidelines and they even offer a “getting started checklist” for clients who have just signed up and are complete novices.

The best thing about using Campaign Monitor is that it’s extremely easy to set up a campaign and get something sent out. The whole process is very intuitive and doesn’t make you think! Our record is about 30mins from creation to send out………this time also included testing! It will be interesting to see how Freshview improve on what is already a great tool.

Team Tamar