23 November 2009 | Tanya Goodin

Do no evil? Now who is playing dirty?

The news is the news as Bing throws down the gauntlet

So Microsoft are looking to pay News Corp, and others, to appear in their results and not in Google. Please don’t tell me this is going to be a ‘how big are my pockets’ job?

And while I don’t mind someone paying ‘for’ placement, paying someone ‘not’ to appear in someone elses index is a bit off. This is not washing powder, this is News.  Denying someone the right to appear where their news results are expected is not what we are used to or desire.

And by not appearing in Google would this invalidate the authority of the news article?

Google says you can do almost nothing to harm other sites in their index. Seems to me Microsoft have dealt the first blow in what may become an increasingly dirty war by aiming to undermine Google. This is not a traffic revenue deal, this is a scrap in which, once again, winner takes all.

Tanya Goodin

Tanya Goodin

Founder of Tamar

  • http://www.ipodrepublic.com Daniel

    This is an interesting topic, and if anything it just leaves me thinking that Microsoft can’t be trusted when it comes to delivering relevancy in their search listings. If they are willing to pay the likes of newscorp to not feature in Google, are they also giving priority to the same corporations in their own listings?

    Personally I don’t think Newscorp is doing anything other than hurting themselves in the long run with this, and I’m almost surprised that no rival news conglomerate has jumped on the opportunity to increase their own share of traffic from Google following this little war between Newscorp and Google (which to be fair Google has no issues with from what I have read).

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  • http://www.moomumedia.com Aidan

    Isn’t this the direction News Corp has been heading – they are sick of all the ‘free’ usage that search engines have been having with their content. So this means they can get a bit of money, though I wonder if it is in their best interest to not appear in Google.

  • http://blog.tamar.com/ Neil Jackson

    I get the feeling tha soem comprimise will have to be reached, but there is a bit of gamesmanship going on to see who, if anyone, blinks first.

  • http://blog.tamar.com/ Neil Jackson