27 October 2009 | Team Tamar

What are the benefits of delivering a multichannel customer experience?

If you are in the digital industry then I am sure you are already thinking about the benefits you can get from providing your customers with a multi channel experience. Working in a natural search conversion agency, we not only make sure our strategies fully integrate with Pay Per Click but also are well aware of what is going on in other channels, this all helps to maximize the SEO benefit and provide users with a consistent approach.

I was at the ecommerce expo on 21 October, and having attended a few talks, would like to  summarise some basic benefits that are always a good starting point when thinking about a collaborative online approach. First and foremost, it gives your brand consistency and best practice per channel.

It also helps in increasing revenue, improve customer retention and increase brand loyalty. Someone made an interesting point about saving money by empowering the customers to do more themselves i.e. self-serve. It is imperative to unite your channels through a strategic and effective multi channel plan.

You can do this by following some simple steps:

•             Plan your system integration. Think of how you can get the different systems to talk to each other. For example: put output information into a centralised system such as a marketing dashboard.

•             Review current best practice for and in-between all channels

•             Capture and measure channel feedback, do GAP analysis

•             Provide ability to shop how and where

•             Deliver brand promises

Last but not the least; it is not only important to have your internal systems input into a centralised place but also the teams from different online channels working together.

Team Tamar