14 October 2009 | Team Tamar

The new star of YouTube – Adwords!

It seems after a painfully long time, Google is finally applying their AdWords system to YouTube, allowing UK advertisers to serve keyword targeted video content to the masses. Google isn’t overcomplicating things, by applying their AdWords platform – allowing price to be based on performance.

With Online spend overtaking TV spend last month, this seems like a logical progression – with online seemingly ransacking TV’s bag of tricks and beating it at its own game. With 15 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute, is the obvious (and perhaps only) video provider at the moment which has the clout to really make this stick, and make money from the proposition.

YouTube is calling its new advertising opportunity ‘Promoted Videos’, and is available at ads.youtube.com, along with a full video explaining what it is all about.

With the proposition seeming really straightforward – it will be compelling to watch just how quickly this one takes off.


Team Tamar