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Surfacing content – why you need to do this

Tanya Goodin
Tanya Goodin
27 October 2009

And what is surfacing content?

Following on from the announcement last week about Google’s new Social Search which has now officially launched here I noticed that a certain phase was used a few times in describing how elements of Social Search works and that phrase was ‘surface content‘.

But what does that actually mean and what do you need to do?

By ‘surfacing content’ Google is gathering and displaying content that already exists but it is figuring out who, in your known social circle, has written the content and linking it back into your own unique search results. And as discussed previously this is done by Google building a social circle of your friends and contacts using the connections linked from your public Google profile, such as the people you’re following on Twitter or FriendFeed.

All OK for individuals but what about if you are a Brand? What can be done there?

Well the same rules apply, it’s about getting extending your own company social circle. Think about your Twitter followers, RSS Subscribers to your Blog or your company Facebook page friends and finding ways to increase these.

Once others are linked to you so the content that you provide will ‘surface’ into their results. So not only do you need to increase your social circle you also need to provide information, content, that can be matched with their personal search queries.

As always with search it’s about hitting as many channels as you can but understanding that not all will be pertinent to you and of course making sure you measure the effectiveness of any work you undertake.

This is still in experimental stage but as it may play into what you are doing already in terms of extending contacts and content maybe it is more about understanding how people are engaging with your brand and how this is changing.

There is a comprehensive review from Searchengineland here.



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