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Should Twitter moderate trending topics

Alex Christie

28 October 2009

I have been doing some research into twitter spam recently and came across a very interesting article by @stopthespam. They posted an on-line poll asking the question: Should twitter moderate trending topics to stop it from being spammed?

The poll received 117 votes of which 76% responded in favour of Twitter moderation. Although the results are from a very small sample of twitter users, I still find them extremely interesting.

Moderation or editorial control of any form is often a highly debated topic, particularly since “freedom of speech” is one of the pillars on which the web is based. It would be interesting to see how far users would be happy for moderation to go on the web in order to improve the end user experience.

So what is your vote? Would you be happy for Twitter to moderate trending topics? What about google manually moderating search results…




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