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Twitter Listomania

Milly Diaz
Milly Diaz
Associate Director of Social Media
30 October 2009


Yesterday was a good day! In addition to another fine edition of London Cozytweetup, Twitter gifted me with the ability to create lists!

I’m no longer part of the uncool, list-less tweople.

As I started to put my first list together, I realized I’m following way too many people.

Going through my ‘following’, I noted that I don’t remember why I started following a good chunk of them — there are also quite a few tweeps who haven’t tweeted in months.

This culling has been a long time coming!

However, once my favourite tweeters post their lists I’m certain that I’ll find new people to follow.

BUT, creating Twitter lists has taught me the important lesson of being a discerning follower.

Through lists and a bit of ‘following’ clean up, I’m looking forward to a more rewarding Twitter experience.

With that said, I’m ready for my ‘follower’ count to dip! I expect to be part of someone else’s culling process.



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