19 October 2009 | Team Tamar

Improving the speed of Outlook 2007

One of the biggest issues with upgrading to Microsoft Office 2007, is that the new version of Outlook is extremely slow – bordering on unusable. Having put up with the slow performance for the past two weeks, I finally decided to investigate the problem and came across the following fix which was recommended by DELL.

Step 1 Right click on the outlook icon and click “Run as administrator”

Outlook Fix - Step 1

Outlook Fix - Step 1

Step 2 Once Outlook opens, go to Tools, then Trust Center, then Addins
Outlook Fix - Step 2

Outlook Fix - Step 2

Step 3 Click  the “Go” button a the bottom of  the screen and uncheck all the Outlook addins (with the exception of Windows Search Email Indexer)
Outlook Fix - Step 3

Outlook Fix - Step 3


Whilst I am sure there are other ways to improve Outlooks performance, this simple change has made an amazing difference to the speed at which Outlook runs for me.   Hopefully it will work for you to!

Team Tamar

  • http://www.kindleresearch.com Paul

    Love it! There have been times when I’ve wanted to pluck Outlook from it’s working, working, working (not working) status and wring its bloated neck.

  • http://www.facebook.com/office Andy

    Hi Aaron,

    Thanks for this tip on speeding up Outlook. For more Office resources head to http://www.facebook.com/office

    MSFT Office Outreach Team