20 October 2009 | Tanya Goodin

Google Trust Rank – new version

Trust Rank from Google, not like Yahoo!

A  nice spot from Bill Slawski that Google have finally had a Trust Rank patent approved. This after abandaning their previous request for a patent going back a few years.

Trust Rank is something which gets mentioned a lot and is often confused, so here is our take on it.

Yahoo! Trust Rank

The original Trust Rank patent was given to Yahoo! which, in order to combat spam, defined a small number of pre-approved sites which were deemed trustworthy. These ‘seeded’ sites passed a decresing measure of trustworthiness to sites they linked to and so on as the link chain lengthened. So the nearer the original seeded site you were the more trust ( juice) your site got.

Google Trust Rank

The new Google version of Trust Rank pays more attention to determining the authority, or trust, of individuals or sites as they label web pages through annotation.

What Google seems to be doing is trying to identify experts, say through ratings on auction sites or comments on forums, and apply a weighting in their favour over other less trusted opinions. And by combining information from different sources this new trusted ‘profile’ may well be used to reorder rankings.

It may be coincidence that the Google Sidewiki was launched around the same time as the patent was granted but getting indpendent views, from experts, on a web page would be seen to be increasingly helpful to those searching and it may make sense to factor that expertise into how a page is finally ranked.

Thanks again to Bill Slawski, no hat tip as that term bugs me, just a straight forward thank you for some good patent insights.

Tanya Goodin

Tanya Goodin

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