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Google Social Search – New!

Tanya Goodin
Tanya Goodin
22 October 2009

Don’t get too excited though

Alongside the announcement of Google and Twitter signing a deal it was also revealed that Google is to launch a new product called Social Search via their Google Labs experimental team. Sounds great yes? Well, I am not that excited as you have to  a Google Account, a Google Profile, and friends listed as Google Contacts. And that all sounds like a lot to ask of people. I know I rarely sign in and stay signed in, call me paranoid!

So what do you get once you are signed in, have Google profile and have your friends listed as Google Contacts? Well, if you search for something, Google will pull in relevant information from, say, Gmail and friendfeed to you from your contacts.

Like Google personlised search I think this will have a limited appeal, but with Google they may well take the learnings from this and then apply to a wider base. But as the information is taken from your own personal data finding a way to opt in, without signing in, could be the best way to get this to work in a scaleable way.



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