2 October 2009 | Team Tamar

Google Update Adds New Search features

In a week when many people are returning their invites to Microsoft’s Windows 7 Launch Party, 100,000 others are waiting by their inbox for their Google Wave invitation, eager to test out the latest (and some say greatest) addition to the Google family of tools. Google Wave will further enhance Google’s position as the overarching brand for everything we do on the internet but while Google Wave is the one making the news, Google have quietly made some new changes to their search engine search options, such as ‘Hot Trends’, ‘Visited pages’ , ‘Fewer shopping sites’, ‘More shopping sites’ and as covered in more detail already some real-time search options, filtering results by ‘past hour’, ‘past 24 hours’.

‘More/Fewer Shopping Sites’ search option

The ‘fewer shopping sites’ and ‘more shopping sites’ feature is probably the most interesting new feature to be added and if this feature is used, how will this impact on online retail sites in the run-up to their busiest time of year. A search for ‘mens clothing’ with the ‘fewer shopping sites’ will produce more clothes magazines, blogs, etc.

Google's fewer shopping sites feature

Community Forum threads in SERPS

Aswell as these, another recent addition to Google SERPS have been the more regular appearance of community forum threads underneath search results. If a discussion forum is relevant to a particular search query, Google will now add forum threads from this forum underneath a particular search result. This is a move by Google towards returning relevant results for semantic (natural language) searches in Google and provides sites with discussion forums and user generated content a big opportunity to pull in a lot more long tail traffic.

community forum threads

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