30 October 2009 | Team Tamar

Facebook War Declaration

sarahpalin4-217x300Last year, I donated to Barack Obama’s presidential campaign.

That act landed me on the U.S. Democrats’ email mailing list.

Yesterday, I received an email with the subject line, Sarah Palin’s Facebook Lies.

I usually ignore most emails they send my way, but this, I thought, deserved a quick read through. I wanted to see how the gun-wielding former beauty queen fired up the Dems this time around!

The email stated:

A few months back, Palin took to Facebook to declare that health reform would create “death panels,” and drive private insurers out of business — and nonpartisan fact-check sites and the independent Congressional Budget Office debunked those lies.

But that hasn’t stopped Sarah Palin. She’s back with a new Facebook note claiming that reform will raise costs on families and drive up deficits. Unfortunately for her, even the conservative “Tax Foundation” says those claims are false.

So we’re calling out Sarah Palin, and taking to Facebook to debunk her lies on the very same pages she’s using to spread them.

Call ’em out: Sarah Palin. Watch the video, make a call, spread the word on Facebook.

The Dems have declared Facebook war on Sarah Palin!

Social media helped the Democrats win America’s White House. Will it help them with the health care battle in the US? I have a feeling a lot of people who received the email won’t interrupt their photo uploading and status updating on Facebook to take Palin down.

Team Tamar