29 October 2009 | Team Tamar

Facebook phishing scams exploit Blackberry app

As a Blackberry user, I was prompted this morning to download the latest version of the Blackberry/Facbook – version, for those that care. I duly did this, only to find that I had a new notification on my official notifications tab (see screenshot below)…


I don’t see a lot of these for some reason – so I assumed it would be a “welcome to the new version” message. It was therefore with some horror that I discovered that the notification – which to all intents and purposes looks very official, having imported itself in to the app – was actually one of the recent spate of fake phishing e-mails… (screenshot below)


The issue of Facebook phishing scams isn’t a new one (though the recent “Bredolab Botnet” attacks mean you will haveĀ noticed more of them in the past few days) – but this is the first time I’ve seen one that was clever enough to fool a mobileĀ application.

If the Facebook Blackberry app only uses e-mail originators to decide whether a message is genuine or not, they’ll need to get that changed pretty quickly in the face of the recent attacks. And if you are a Blackberry Facebook user, make sure you don’t fall for this latest (very official looking) scam!

Team Tamar