20 October 2009 |

Brands getting three listings?

Google pushing on Brand searches?

Just noticed some Brand led searches are firing out some triple listings.

So typing in ‘Sky TV Listings’ brings up the following results:

3 sky results

3 sky results

Or looking for ‘Dorothy Perkins Dresses’ shows the following:

Dorothy Perkins

Dorothy Perkins

These three listings only appear to be on qualified brand searches. So adding in another element such as ‘dresses’ or ‘listings’ seems to make the difference.

Any bets on whether this is Vince 2?

Tanya Goodin

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  • Robin Fishley

    This new “update” seems to only affect “sure thing” matches, I dont think the change will have much effect on overall traffic volumes/CTR’s to the sites, the landing page will simply be different.