6 October 2009 | Team Tamar

Blogger Regulation: A good thing

According to new rules revealed Monday by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, American-based bloggers must tell their readers when they’ve been paid and/or given free stuff to review products.

Failure to disclose quid pro quo could cost a blogger up to $11,000.

I’m all for the FTC rules because along with it comes credibility!

How many times have you second guessed the partiality of any high-profile blogger who’s raved about a product by name?

In a recent interview with Fast Company, tech entrepreneur Jason Calacanis commented that blogs are truth-seeking technologies.

To Calacanis’ point, the FTC’s new rules are totally in line with what the essence of a blog should be.

To be fair disclosure has been a no-brainer for bloggers with a backbone.

For example, bloggers on the BlogHer network were practicing full disclosure even before the FTC rules came along.

I don’t agree with people who might call this an infringement on their rights.

Dishonesty’s not a ‘right’ that deserves protection!


Team Tamar