25 September 2009 | Tanya Goodin

What I did in Search this week

Well more what I found out

So this is a bit of a roundup, and first thing I am rounding is that putting ‘so’ in front of every sentence is a preppy west coast thing. So I wont do it. Again.


Secondly we have seen Google release their Sidewiki. This is run off the latest (so you may need to download it) Google Toolbar and allows anyone to add information/comment about any website. This information can be viewed by anyone (you have to be logged into your Google account to leave comments) and you can vote on whether the comments are useful or not, report abuse as well as share the comments via email, twitter and facebook.

Whether this will ever be used to influence rankings is unknown but history suggests that people abuse comments and ratings systems and indeed it may be that Youtube are contemplating removing their star rating system as people tend to only vote with one star or five.

It’s probably worth keep an eye on what is being said about your sites just in case people online have negative opinions – it does happen 😉

Brands In Public

You may have also heard of the launch by Squidoo of a Brand Monitoring service which collates information of the online conversations about sites and then charges companies $400 a month to be able to ‘curate’ them. An example is Coca Cola.

As with Google SideWiki this is something to monitor to see if your sites are featured but as these ‘conversations’ are already taking place and you cannot remove them from the Squidoo pages I will leave it up to you whether there is any real advantage for you to engage with this service.  Particularly if you can already have a reponse mechanism in place. For some, ahem, ‘forthright’ views on this check out this post and comments – they are the fun bit!

Finally I love Twitter, I really do find it useful, entertaining, inspiring and occasionally a sucker of time. But I had a couple of tweets which were so bad they made me laugh, sort of. I am not going to name who tweeted these but I am not sure I need to know if you are in your dentists chair and if you are running late why tell me about it?

So, oops, have a good weekend and enjoy the sun while its is still around.

Tanya Goodin

Tanya Goodin

Founder of Tamar