16 September 2009 | Team Tamar

Twitter in Pole Position

I’m a huge F1 racing fan. Most people find this odd, those cars seem to just follow each other round in a noisy procession for an hour and a half, occasionally stopping for a pit stop that is even quicker than a quick fit fitter. Sometimes they knock each other off the black stuff, which lets face it, most people watch it for – but even when they do – they don’t seem to want to knock ten bells out of each other for our entertainment, not like those ballsy MotoGP riders

However – this year has been an interesting one. Firstly, there was McLarens cheating allegations at the start of the season, and Lewis Hamiltons rather grovelly apology. Then there was the prospect of a FOTA breakaway series. Philipe Massa thankfully survived a colossal accident in Hungary, and all of this excitement without even mentioning Brawn F1’s Pheonix like rise from the ashes to put Britain’s own Jenson Button at the top of the tree (without jinxing it) hopefully til the end of the season.


This week sees more controversy. Renault F1, and their (normally admirable for his exploits) flamboyant playboy team boss Flavio Briatore and his team Technical Director were accused of race fixing by the young Nelson Piquet Jr, in order to secure a win for his team mate Fernando Alonso at last years Singapore GP. It seems the young Piquet was chewing on sour grapes, as he had been booted out of the team for some questionable performances, but it appears in the last few minutes that Renault are incriminated, and the flamboyant boss and his tecnical chief are indeed responsible.

Seeing as I love the sport so, I’m always keen to get the news as fast as possible. After seeing a flash of something relative to the story on BBC News 24, on in the corner of the Tamar office, I was eager to know more. Straight to the normally wonderful BBC F1 News pages I rush, to find nothing. I Google ‘F1 Renault cheat’. Even refining stories to the newest available, the latest story is more than 2 hours old.

F1 Google

So I head to Twitter. And find out everything I need to know, from fellow F1 fans, around the world, equally as suprised and appauled as I am, and seemingly, as eager to pass on the news in the Twitter format.

F1 Twitter

The newspapers and news companies are scared of Twitter? They should be – no form of cheating can get you to the front in this game.

Team Tamar