9 September 2009 | Team Tamar

Twitter filling your wallet. Or, my 1 year anniversary post, sort of.

It has been almost a year since I started blogging for Tamar and it seems quite ironic that something I noticed this week has sent me referencing the first post I did, and on 09/09/09 too.

Cupcake for Dre

On Monday, I got an email notification that “Gail Calabrese” is following me. As I normally do, I had a quick look to see what my followers are posting (it is a good gauge of other people’s opinions of you, based on an open  and largely anonymous platform).

I did an initial scan over Gail’s post to see if this was another Viagra spammer,  but was pleased to see the usual posts of a MySpace teenage girl. “Getting ready to leave for husky stadium…game time is in about 4 hours, a new era of dawg power begins” and “I am listening to: Rich Girl – Gwen Stefani ft. Eve” pretty much sums up the quality of the posts at first glance.

My second check I do on new followers is to see who they are following: Gail was following no one. “Poor  Girl.” I thought at first… but what was this? Didn’t I get a notification that I was being followed by her? Something fishy is afoot…

I then scrutinised her posts, well over 250, to see what else I could glean from her profile. Snuck in, roughly one out of every 15 posts was an update like, “Why do I work for minimum wage when I am now making a good living on http://www.randomsurvey-website.html by filling out easy surveys?”

This is when I revisited my first post, about how people prefer testimonials from other happy customers over marketers of a certain product, and how in the near future your friends might get paid to do some basic product placement.  I am aware that twitter does its’ best to block spam on their service, and I have seen many instances where people blatantly try to push their product onto consumers.

Gail’s profile is a little different and interesting in the sense that she is blatantly a spammer, but still tries to trick people into believing that she is a savvy, hip, 20 something with normal tastes and experiences. The ratio between her ‘product dropping’ and ‘regular’ posts is indicative that she is spending more time trying to humanize herself than she is flaunting a product – “working” in effect.

Given that people are being hired by big corporations as their official “twitterers”, are spammers becoming assimilated into the legit marketing sphere? I would not have any problems earning a quick buck to tweet that I love my awesome new blackberry. Thinking about it, I actually think I did that unwittingly when I first got my new phone!

I have to cut this short now, I need to speak to some product suppliers about some money…


Team Tamar