29 September 2009 | Tanya Goodin

Social Climbing With Twitter


At last week’s Net Imperative Twitter or Bitter debate, one of the panellist commented, “Facebook is for people you used to know, Twitter is for people you want to know.”

In my opinion, the panellist’s Twitter observation was absolutely spot on.

Unlike Facebook, my Twitter ‘following’ list is dominated by people I’ve never met – a significant number of whom are business leaders, politicians, celebrities, authors and cultural icons I’d gladly welcome into my inner circle. My ‘following’ is in part a famous friend wish list. Wouldn’t it be great to have Deepak Chopra on speed dial for an inspirational chat or Biz Stone to get the latest Silicon Valley news?

Also, the statement quite accurately reflects one of the reasons why teens are flocking to Twitter.

Tamar recently hosted a 16-year old work experience, Rachel, who told us that she signed up for Twitter because she can follow celebrities and interact with them in a way that she never has been able to before.

Are the people you know relegated to Facebook? Is Twitter fuelling your aspirations?

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Tanya Goodin

Tanya Goodin

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