11 September 2009 | Team Tamar

Our first Measurement Camp

Early on Thursday morning, myself and couple of Tamar colleagues were lucky enough to be invited to join the “Measurement Camp” gang at their monthly meet-up. I’ve known of Measurement Camp for a while now (including their most excellent Wiki) but this is the first time we’ve been able to attend (purely for timing reasons – it’s open to all comers!) and I have to say, I’m really pleased that we did.


For the uninitiated amongst you, here’s the ‘official’ blub on what the meet-up is all about:

MeasurementCamp is a global open-source movement to encourage knowledge sharing and industry collaboration towards answering ‘how do we measure engagement in social media?’. It has hubs in the UK, USA (Bay Area) and Ireland

Clear enough? If you want more details, the organisation (if you can call it that) also has a manifesto which very clearly outlines the purpose:

  • We believe that social media are about relationships and language. This makes conversations difficult to ‘measure’ by existing metrics [1]
  • We believe that nonetheless measurement is important and we strive to find clarity in and derive better insights from the work that we do
  • We believe that technologies to measure will probably be proprietary but that to use these technologies effectively we as a community can help one another to develop understanding and resources to fill the yawning gaps in our own education and knowledge
  • We believe that whatever we produce together should be freely available for others to use and improve, and that together we are stronger than apart
  • We believe that whilst every case is different and unique, there are benefits to common standards and approaches around the world and across regional boundaries

  • As this was our first one, Milly and myself vowed that we’d just sit back and watch – get a feel for the room if you will. But alas (for us) this was not to be – and this is a testament to what a friendly bunch of people the attendees and organisers are. Soon we were both (along with Analytics chief Colin) deeply entrenched in the topic of conversation that our team (the group is split in to smaller, working teams) were debating.

    I won’t drone on too much about what was discussed – I think there’s a bit of a “What goes to measurement camp, stays at measurement camp” philosophy going on – but needless to say it was a really useful meeting, and gave us a tonne of great ideas that we’re bound to discuss in more detail in future. If they’ll have us, we’ll definitely be attending the next one – why not come along and see what you can learn too?


    Team Tamar