1 September 2009 | Team Tamar

Optimised onsite copy: Getting it right first time

New websites are often set up by people who have little online experience – they assume that all they need is a site and some contact details and that’s that: instant success.

In reality though, the web is crowded with websites, all vying for attention. This is where SEO comes in – making your website stand up and attract all the right kinds of attention.

Those new to the world of the ‘interwebs’ assume that websites are all about people – made for people by people. Unfortunately, it’s not people who rank your site and decide if it deserves a good ranking or not – No, it’s a robot.
And for those in the know, SEO isn’t only about spiders and bots and crawl-ability – no, it is indeed also about people.
So obviously creating a balance is important.

As a copywriter, I work with the content side of SEO and over the past year at Tamar I’ve learnt a few things. And in the interests of sharing the knowledge, here are what I personally consider to be the biggest mistakes people make when designing a website for the first time:

Common copy errors:

Spelling mistakes, over enthusiastic punctuation and dense copy are all mistakes which novice web designers make.
If you can’t spell your products name consistently, then how can I trust that you can manufacture it consistently? While the Google-bot doesn’t care if you end your introduction with four exclamation marks, I as a human reader do. And lumping all your copy together might save space and even please the spider, it’s not making it easier for me to read – and I’ll be the one buying your product, not the spider.

Common SEO errors:

Don’t write for the robot. Write for people too. They are the one’s actually handing over the money and making off with your product. Driving traffic is good, but only if it’s converting that traffic to sales. Keyword stuffing is bad – use your keywords as often as is naturally possible but not more than about 5% of your copy ought to contain keywords.

Example of badly utilised copy:

Our product

With our innovatife system, and the use of XYZ as supplied by us, there is no water required when you use XYZ, no bukets, no hoses, no noisy jet wash machines and a totally waterless washing and polishing system from XYZ – for consumers, distributers, national suppliers, carvalet service providers and car rental providers!!! Please visit our “Franchise Business Opportunity” link above as well as “Contact Us” link , for product purchase and valeting service information from XYZ

Before getting too excited about churning out copy, a savvy web writer will do some research.

Come up with some search queries – ask yourself, and others, what they would type into the search bar when looking for your product. This sort of keyword research will ensure that you don’t get stuck using only one or two keywords and lose out on long tail and semantic keywords.

In this example some keywords would include: dry car wash, car clean products, drywash car, waterless carwash and so on. Google Adwords is a very useful tool and will help you to discover some great keywords.

Investigate the current Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) for your keywords and see who else is ranking, then do some research to see what it is that they are doing to get better rankings.

Bear in mind that simply put the purposes of SEO copywriting are to:

•    Drive traffic

•    Promote your product

•    Encourage sales

•    Improve interlinking

•    Optimise for keywords

•    Offer valuable information

•    Be human and robot friendly

Follow these tips and you will soon be producing copy like this:

XYZ Wash and Go

Making use of our elite car-valeting systems means washing your car uses:

•    No water
•    No buckets
•    No hoses
•    No noisy jet wash machines

This totally waterless washing and polishing system is perfect for – consumers, – distributors, – national suppliers, – car-valet service providers and – car rental providers, and anyone who wants a clean car fast.

Buy now

Check out our franchise business opportunities or contact us with your questions about our product and valeting services.


Team Tamar